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Michail Katkoff

Founder & Partner

As many of you, I’ve always loved games. Somehow I nevertheless ended up in a business school and thought that I will never ever get to make games. Luckily though, in 2009 FarmVille came along! Suddenly there was a need for business minded people like myself in the newborn free-to-play games industry. I seized to opportunity and joined Digital Chocolate as one of the first product managers in the company. Since then I’ve been privileged to follow my dream career in games at companies like Rovio, Supercell, FunPlus and Zynga.

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Anil Das-Gupta


I'm a self confessed game-a-holic who used to skip school to visit the arcade to play Street Fighter 2 and it’s various incarnations. I've always wanted to work in the games industry since being a kid and can vividly remember the first time I heard the voice audio from Capcom’s Strider game booming "YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!" as a driving motivation to want to be a part of the magic.

I've worked at Wargaming, Capcom, GREE, Mind Candy and NaturalMotion and haveheld roles ranging from Programmer to Designer to Product in a veritable swiss-army knife of a career. You'd think I'd have made my mind up by now.

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Adam Telfer


My name is Adam Telfer, I’m a Producer, Game Designer and Developer from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I work on the forefront of games. I have been working on Mobile since 2008, and worked on independent flash games since 2001. Before starting my company Chatterbox, I worked at Wooga as a Product Lead.

Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim

Partner & Podcast Producer

I currently publish game development and analysis content on my YouTube channel (GameMakers) and blog I also manage and co-host content for the Deconstructor of Fun podcast.

Previously, I worked in game publishing as SVP of Games & Digital Platforms at NBCUniversal and as Chief Product Officer at SEGA. Prior to game publishing, I worked on the studio/development side and led the development of King of Avalon as a Studio Lead at FunPlus. Before joining the game industry, I worked as a management consultant and software developer.

Abhimanyu Kumar - Author, Deconstructor of Fun

Abhimanyu Kumar


Originally from India and following my lifelong passion for games, I’ve been working in the mobile games industry since 2013. Honing my knack for product, design and analytics, I’ve polished my PM & Design teeth at Disney, Zynga and Flaregames. As an Author for DoF, I enjoy cutting through my opinions with data and capturing my thoughts in words.


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