In addition to Yours Truly, several guest writers have contributed to Deconstructor of Fun.

Our author and guest writers:


A Brief History

Deconstructor of Fun started from my (Michail Katkoff) personal notes. I was deconstructing Facebook games trying to figure out what was the secret sauce behind some of them and employ these learnings in the games we were making at Digital Chocolate's Helsinki studio.

Later, when  I was working at Rovio, I wanted to share my learnings with more people than just the team I worked on. This led to making more detailed notes. As I was making better notes I realized that if I'd share my learnings with even larger audience, the quality of my deconstructions would only improve. This led to me starting the Deconstructor of Fun blog in 2012. 

During the last few years some of my coworkers and industry friends have contributed as guest writers. Posting their amazing insights and helping you, the reader, to better understand what causes some games to succeed or fail. After all, we can't play all of the games no matter how much we'd like to.